Distribution of packages

  • user_id (int): User id;
  • vehicle_id: (longtext): Vehicle id;
  • address_origin (longtext): Drivers address of origin;
  • town_origin (longtext): Drivers town of origin;
  • province_origin (longtext): Driver’s province of origin;
  • country_origin (longtext): Driver’s country of origin;
  • address_destination (longtext): Driver’s province of origin;
  • town_destination (longtext): Driver’s destination address;
  • province_destination (longtext): Driver’s province address;
  • country_destination (longtext): Driver’s country address;
  • route_polylines (longtext): Drivers rout polylines;
  • passing_provinces (longtext): List of provinces passing on the route;
  • passing_countries (longtext): List of countries passing on the route;
  • drive_starting (datetime): Start date and time;
  • drive_ending (datetime): End date and time;
  • deviation_from_route (int): Possible deviation from the route in km;
  • asking_price (longtext): Price for the distribution;
  • avoiding_tolls (boolean): Choice if the driver would to avoid paying tolls;
  • vias (longtext): List of cities on the route;
  • type (longtext): Type of the car;
  • brand (longtext): Brand of the car;
  • model (longtext): Model of the car;
  • colour (longtext): Colour of the car;
  • liscence_plate (longtext): Liscence plate of the car;
  • name (longtext): Name of the driver;
  • email (longtext): E-mail of the driver;
  • phone_number (longtext): Phone number of the driver;
  • rating (longtext): Rating of the driver

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