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Machine data trended over time to manage asset health and maintenance. Provides signals (i.e., vibration, power, temperature, electrical data, etc.) mapped to asset inventory, interventions and maintenance needs (i.e., frequencies, strokes, number of engine revolutions, etc.) detected by the machine.

  • AssetId (int): Asset Identifier
  • AssetDescription (string): Asset Description
  • MaintenaincePlannedDate (datetime) (nullable): Planned Date Maintenance
  • MaintenainceOperationStartDate (datetime) (nullable): Current Maintenance Start Date
  • MaintenainceOperationEndDate (datetime) (nullable): Current Maintenance End Date
  • MaintenanceOperationStatus (string) (nullable): Current Maintenance Status
  • BeatMaintenanceThreshold (int) (nullable): Maintenance Machine frequency lower bound
  • BeatFreq (int) (nullable): Current Machine Frequency

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