• time_key (numeric): Transaction Date (YYYYMMDD)
  • CUSTOMER_ACCOUNT_NR_MASK (charater): Id Mask do Client-Card
  • location_cd (numeric): Id Key of the store
  • checkin_id (numeric): check-in id
  • checkin_createdat (date): check-in date and time
  • checkin_updatedat (date): check-in date and time updated
  • checkout_id (numeric): check-out id
  • checkout_createdat (date): check-out date and time
  • checkout_updatedat (date): check-out date and time updated
  • checkout_state (charater):
  • requested - when the customer requests payment by card and awaits for payment execution
  • completed - when the customer finishes with the summary table and chooses the payment method
  • pre_checkout - when payment methods are listed; if we cancel, it is canceled (back to the table);
  • canceled - gets canceled when customer was on the payment list and went back
  • resumed - when the customer is on the last page with visible QR code / barcode, and backs up; after doing resume, if it does another checkout, another line will be generated

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