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  • BI-REX Competence Center

    Process parameters and images trended over time to manage defect identification and mitigation. Provides process parameters collected from the processing log, CAD drawings of...
  • Tourism Dataset from Region of Valencia

    SAMPLE DATASET Only a few rows of each file have been included, for illustrative purposes only. Full datasets will be facilitated to the successful applicants to the EXPERIMENT...
  • Health

    Multi-modal indoor data for activity recognition and data security. 1) Audio data (wav files): Audio files containing indoor sounds and speech 2) Motion data (JSON): JSON files...
  • Bilbobus GTFS

    More information about the GTFS format at https://developers.google.com/transit/gtfs
  • Images

    The data set consists of images (1920x1080) of objects taken from a camera in a refrigerator unit.
  • Keyword List (Mobile)

    Category_Id (number): Category identifier Category (text): Name of the category Subcategory_id (number): Subcategory identifier Subcategory (text): Name of the subcategory...
  • Keyword statistics for laptop campaigns

    AdGroupId (number): Id of the group that contains the keyword. KeywordId (number): Id of the keyword. The couple AdgroupId y KeywordId identifies a unique keyword. Some...
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