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  • Auditing process

    Field (Type): Description id (integer): Audit Id wasproposedbyclerk (bolean): Clerk decides to audit a cart waspropesedbyaisystem (bolean): AI System recommended audit...
  • User

    Id (integer): User Id first_purchase (bolean): Is first purchases has been made last_login (date): Last login time stamp last_checkout (date): Last checkout time stamp
  • Cart

    Field (Type): Description id (integer): Cart id store_id (integer): Store id totalproducts (integer): Total number of items totalcost (decimal): Total cart cost...
  • Cart Items

    id (integer): Item id ean (integer): Item EAN Code eanlist (text): List of valid EANs for the item cartid (integer): Cart Id discr (text): Item Type (Product ou Coupon)...
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