Firefighter interventions

  • servicio_id (number): record identifier.
  • fecha (datetime): start date and time
  • tactica_id (text): type of mobilization tactic.
  • tactica112 (text): type of mobilization tactic for 112.
  • tacticaIntervencion (text): type of intervention (only from January 2021)
  • emergencia (boolean): whether or not it is an emergency service
  • ctrlDemora (boolean): whether or not to control the delay time
  • estado (number): service completion status: with intervention (1), without intervention (0)
  • tipoMovilizacion (text): set of exit vehicles.
  • origen (text): origin of communication
  • coordX (number): X coordinate ED50 UTM Zone 30
  • coordY (number): Y coordinate ED50 UTM Zone 30
  • barrio (number): Municipal sub district
  • distrito (number): municipal district.
  • parque (text): mobilized fire station
  • numeroRecursos (number): number of vehicles involved.
  • movilizacionBuzos (Boolean): whether or not there is mobilization of divers.
  • numeroBomberos (number): number of firefighters involved.
  • estadoAfectados (number): Affected status: Dead (1), Injured (2), Uninjured (3)
  • fechaFin (datetime): end date and time

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