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  • Bilbobus GTFS

    More information about the GTFS format at https://developers.google.com/transit/gtfs
  • Bilbobus Ticketing information

    Fecha (datetime): Date and time Tarjeta (text): Pseudonymized transport card code LinExterno (text): Code of bus line Sentido (number): Direction CodParada (number): Numeric...
  • Bus Assignments

    Fecha (datetime): Date Vehiculo (number): Numeric code of vehicle/bus HoraAsig (datetime): Inicial date and hour of bus assignment HoraFin (datetime): Final date and hour of...
  • Weather alert

    alerta_id (number): record identifier causa (text): zona (text): fecha (date): nivelAlerta (text): 1-yellow, 2-orange, 3-red
  • Events

    Fecha Inicio Evento (date): start date of the event Fecha Fin Evento (date): end date of the event Evento (string): description of the event Emplazamiento (string): location of...
  • Firefighter interventions

    servicio_id (number): record identifier. fecha (datetime): start date and time tactica_id (text): type of mobilization tactic. tactica112 (text): type of mobilization tactic...
  • Mobilization type

    tipoMovilizacion (string): id of the mobilization type recursos (integer): resources used in the mobilization personas (integer): people used in the mobilization
  • Emergency tactic

    tactica112_id (text): record identifier, type of emergency tactic. tactica112 (text): description of emergency tactic
  • Intervention tactic

    tacticaIntervencion_id (text): record identifier, type of intervention tactic. tacticaIntervencion (text): description of intervention tactic
  • Mobilization tactic

    tactica_id (text): record identifier, type of mobilization tactic. tacticaMovilizacion (text): description of mobilization tactic